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Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

Wooden fencing is a popular choice when it comes to serving different tasks with respect to sheltering and safeguarding a space. Wooden fencing is commonly used as partitions, wall dividers, or barriers which is located along the boundary to secure a yard or any other part of a property. Commonly known as timber fencing, Wooden Fence Suppliers have gained great hype and popularity worldwide. Melody Structures is one of the topmost wooden fence manufacturers in UAE. Offering absolutely reliable, high quality and top notch services, this firm has managed to offer customized fencing solutions to its customers based in any part of UAE at nominal prices.

Why is Wooden Fence so Popular?

When it comes to Wooden Fence in Dubai, Redwood is always a preferred choice of home makers. This is due to the fact that it is the most extensively used wood type even though it is expensive. Promising great quality, durability, and high aesthetic value, it is the best type of wood to create solid structures and fences around houses.

Benefit of Wooden Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

In recent times, Wooden Fence in AL AIN is offered in all varieties to meet different purposes. At Melody structure, some of the winning points of installing a wooden fence are listed below:

  • Improves appearance: Wood fencing, first of all, works on adding to the aesthetic value to a premise. It works on enhancing the overall look of a place along with setting the space apart from neighboring homes. These wooden fences can be turned in look by painting to impart an all new feel to its appearance along with extending its service life.
  • Eco-friendliness: Wooden fencing is also addressed as timber fencing and is graded as an extremely eco-friendly option. It is quite easy to dispose of all the old wooden fences without posing a threat to nature.
  • Economical: The most important factor as to why wooden fencing is considered over other fencing options such as stone, brick wall, steel or metal is that it proves economical. It is cheap to buy, install and is readily available across localities.
  • Customization: Wooden fences are easy to be customized as per the owner’s needs without overstepping the budget.

Types of Wooden Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, We Provide

Wood fencing is an extremely popular choice in fencing since it is available in a vast variety and is inexpensive. It also works on setting a natural look to a garden and can also be used to add privacy to your farm. Wooden Fence in Abu Dhabi is also quite in demand for installation across a patio or pool. Wooden fencing has proven to be quite durable for safeguarding a property against burglars and animals. To ensure that your home receives a sturdy, long lasting and superior quality fencing, Melody Structures offers a great variety of fencing to keep you all covered.

  • Bamboo Fence: It might sound delicate, but bamboo reed fencing has proven to be quite durable since this wood showcases a natural resistance to termites. It can last as long as 2 decades if cared properly.
  • WPC Fence: Also known as Wood Picket Fence, such fencing is usually 3 to 4 feet in height and has widely spaced pointy-topped pickets. Therefore it is best to be installed in front yards, as a garden fencer pool area to discourage climbing and shed raindrops.
  • Privacy Fence: Melody structures also specialists in manufacturing vertical board fencing that adds to the privacy of a personal living space and acts as a noise barrier. It is commonly demanded and installed as a domestic garden fence, especially around housing estates.
  • Rope Fence: Also known as garden rope fences, these add a decorative feel to the outdoor space whilst acting as space dividers, creating a boundary around decking or patio area from the main area.
  • Swimming Pool Side Fence: Wooden pool fences are treated with materials that save them from rotting or decaying. These are perfect to add a unique appearance and are easily customization.
  • Teak Wood Fence: Counted as a very attractive wood fencing option, teak fence is highly attractive, and imparts great ornamental value to a landscape. Being a natural in appearance, it adds to the rustic charm, and does not require any chemical treatment. To say in the least, it is a green option.
  • White Picket Fence: This style of fencing is mostly used in age old ancient houses and is sharp to provide that add-on safety to a premise. Made using sturdy material, this type of fencing is a common recommendation made by Wooden Fence Manufacturers.
  • Wooden Mesh Fence: This kind of fence is mostly a customized fence mesh which is attached to wood posts or rails using galvanized U-staples. The fencing is rolled from first post to the second, and is fastened to the edge of the first post. Its installation must always be entrusted to professionals at Melody Structures.
  • Meranti Wood Fence: This kind of fencing is proven to be great for withstanding harsh outdoor conditions. Meranti wood is lighter and less expensive as compared to other African hardwoods which are widely used for exterior work. Thus, Meranti has come up as an excellent option to make fences and something as sturdy as boats that are subject to challenging weather conditions.

Melody Structures UAE offers fencing solutions that are personalized as per the buyer’s need. Other popular fencing types ordered and offered by us include Garden Fences, Nursery Fences, Restaurant Fences, Wall Fences, Kids Play Fences, among others.

Why to Choose Melody Structures for Wooden Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain?

Melody Structures offers trusted solutions when it comes to manufacturing and installing Wooden Fence in Sharjah. Our core competency is that we understand client’s needs and suggest most viable solutions and designs of fence. Our service ranges from manufacturing high quality design of fences, wind load calculations, surface coating till final delivery at your doorstep.

  • Customized fencing solutions: Our in-house engineers & architects apply their expertise in turning up with best designs to meet your fencing requirements while keeping the cost under check.
  • Superior Quality: Our products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure great quality adherence and compliance of industry standards. What’s best is what reaches you!
  • Easy Installation: Our team offers end to end installation support along with guiding our clients about AMC & service support post installation.
  • On-time and cost effective: Our fence designing and delivery services are alwaysin compliance with set market standards as we own a manufacturing plant in GCC.
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