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Garden Fence Supplier & Manufactures in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

Melody Technical Service LLC has a prestigious name in UAE for offering class apart garden utility products and accessories. We offer an extensive range of garden fences that are customized to the needs and likes of our customers. The garden fences we manufacture and supply are available in varying material types and sizes to suit the different outdoor setting of our clients. Our support team is open to consultation and suggestion to ensure that the final product installed at your place is to your optimum satisfaction.

Things to Consider for Selecting a Garden Fence

Garden fences may appear like simple boundary but it’s not as straightforward as it looks. With the wide range of options available in garden fences, such as fence posts, fence panels, different treatments and fencing accessories, choosing a garden fence can be much more complicated than it seems. It requires a lot of understanding and discretion before you finalize a garden fence to secure your boundary. Some of the aspects to consider before selecting a garden fence are outlined below:

  • Understand Your Boundaries: As a primary step, it is important to have an understanding of how much garden fencing is required for which the exact area must be known. Confirm which boundary is yours, along with understanding it has any restrictions etc. This can also be confirmed by checking the house deeds so that you can put a finger on which area is yours to avoid disputes with neighbors.
  • Fence height: Some areashave rules and regulations as to how high a garden fence can be permitted. This depends on some primary factors how adjoining the land of a listed building is or how far is the road from your boundary.
  • Amount of fencing needed: It is important to measure the amount of boundary before you hunt for fence panels. Knowing the perimeter in advance will help you plan your budget and buy exact number of panels and posts you need.
  • Types of Garden Fence needed: Selecting the right type of garden fence depends on a number of factors such as personal and garden style, preference of treatment, special location requirements, budget, etc.
  • Style of fence panel: Garden fences usually fall into two styles: traditional fence panels and decorative fence panels.

Grande Fencing is One-time Investment

Garden fence acts like a complete envelope to your garden. It is like a frame which also sets the borders along with outlining a boundary within which you can showcase climbing plants and the scaffolding to complete your overall garden’s structure. Since it is a significant inclusion to any outdoor setting of a home or property in general, its selection must be done considering important factors in mind.

Unlike wallpaper, it just can’t be pulled off and changed on a whim. It is a long term investment which calls for heavy budgeting, thus fence panels and posts must also be selected carefully to last long. As other critical elements of garden fence, fence panels must also be purchased after assessing the need in detail.

  • Traditional Fence Panels: This type of panel is inclusive of fence panels which are also known as lap fencing, close board fence panels, feather edge fencing, vertical board fencing and picket fencing. It is installed with the primary purpose of defining a boundary, adding privacy to the settings while ensuring security.
  • Decorative Fence Panels: Decorative garden fence panels are usually available in European style, lattice tops or section, dome topped, tongue and groove designed, hit and miss style, slatted fencing and grey fence panels. Such decorative fence panels add a flavor and personal style to the fencing wherein clients can choose appealing textures, flowing lines, modern straight lines etc.
  • Fence Panel Treatment: This is yet another important consideration wherein buyers need to ascertain when what kind of treatment the fencing panels have undergone. You have to choose between dip treated or pressure treated panels. Dip treatment is usually cheaper than panel treated fences and usually come with a 10-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

We, at Melody Technical service LLC, are equipped to handle all your fencing requirements in line with your outdoor settings. The fences we offer come with assured durability and guarantee that they will last for long coupled with free installation. You can contact us for free consultation.

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