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Wood Plastic Composite Fences or WPC Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

As the name indicates, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a blended material which is created using natural wood and plastic fibers. The composition of WPC fence is basically a combination of sawdust, peanut hulls, spare woodworking materials, pulp, bamboo, which are then put in combination with plastic powered to create a firm wooden material that is used to create fences, flooring, railings etc.

Wood Plastic Composite Fences are widely demanded for accomplishing a variety of home décor or garden renovation projects, owing to the fact that this material is highly robust and sturdy.

WPC composite fencing is remarkable and absolute durable in quality since it is created from recycled materials that are gathered from construction sites, wood manufacturing facilities, making the best out of nothing. WPC Fence manufacturers in Dubai swear by its quality since it can be recycled and transformed into brand new WPC therefore making the final products ultimately recyclable as well.

For the basic fact that wood plastic composite is derived from a substance which is available as paste in its actual composition, it is easy to mound and turned into any size and shape of WPC fence panels, even arched or bent shapes. Additionally, it has great versatility when it comes to choosing a color scheme since WPC can be dyed or colored to blend with any kind to suit almost any design scheme.

Why is WPC Fence Popular in the UAE?

WPC Fence in Dubai finds extensive application across upscale hotels and luxurious construction projects since it imparts natural colors to a place. Giving a natural edge to the overall appearance of a living area, WPC fences are great from a functional standpoint. These are resistant to moisture and rots, which indicate that these will last aesthetically and integrally longer than any other type of wood. WPC Fence in Sharjah homes also tend to service for longer time period since these are heat-resistant as compared to typical lumber, which makes them favorable for locations where normal lumber tend to bend or warp owing to extreme heat.

WPC Fence can be sighted commonly in UAE construction sites since these are less likely to split or break and have a better grip on screws as compared to real wood. It is also quite easy to perform operations like drilling, planning and sanding with WPC wood. This material also withstands the weather changes experiencing no damage. WPC Fence in Al Ain is considered a material which is proven to stand the test of time and asks for very less maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of WPC Fence

WPC Fence Suppliers such as Melody Structures highly recommend this wood type fence since it is a great update option that will last longer with the garden itself. Upgrading to WPC fencing targets to enhance the oversell garden perimeter as compared to traditional fencing. Some of the reasons why this wooden fencing type is blindly trusted by UAE fencing companies are listed below:

  • Strong Panels: First and the foremost difference between traditional fencing and wood plastic composite (WPC) fencing is their core strength. It is perhaps the most important factor when assessed from the functioning point of view. With WPC fencing, you can stay assured that the installation will stay put and will withstand extreme weather such as scorching heat or high winds.
  • Chip-resistance:  Owing to their solid composition which accounts to 3/4th recycled hard-wood fibers and 1/4th % recycled polyethylene, WPC fence panels do not splinter. This indicates that the fence will retain the same look for many years without cracking or chipping which is often the case with traditional timber fencing.
  • Low on maintenance: WPC fences are sturdy thus, there is hardly a penny shed on their repairs. Also, since these WPC fences retain their original color for a long-lasting duration, the re-painting jobs are hardly considered.
  • Natural Finish: One of the primary reasons why WPC fencing is favored in top-notch property constructions and renovation, is owing to their natural appearance. These are available in a plethora of shades ranging from stone grey to coffee with appearance of wood, striking similarity with redwood or teak. The choice of WPC fencing can add to the aesthetic appeal of a place and seamlessly blend in with its surroundings.
  • Simple installation: These fences are light in weight with a honeycomb structure, thus it is quite easy to work with them. It’s easy to attach them to any of the existing timber fence post which is then just slot together, providing a perfect shade in no time.

Why to choose melody-structures.ae for WPC Fence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain?

Established with the purpose of enhancing the aura of living spaces in Dubai by providing a wider range of fences, pergolas wardrobes, gazebos, Melody Structures is the leading supplier of WPC Fence in Abu Dhabi. We have in-store for our clients an exclusive collection of accessories such as cat houses, shades, display stands, nursery items, and other landscaping products which are sourced from all around the world, to boost the glory of your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

We have an in-house team of home designing experts who advise and customize products as per our client’s needs & requirements. We can create products suited to your housing space, both indoor and outdoor. Our team specializes in custom designing products such as planters, pergolas, play houses, swings, kiosks, cat and bird houses, etc.

Our products come with the assurance of great quality and we ensure on-time installation to all our customers. Every job is fulfilled with great dedication since we value customer satisfaction the most. Our fencing range is available in highest quality material, and come with the assurance of long lasting services. Our team of consultants always welcome customer’s queries on how to get the best out of WPC fence panels or any other products from our portfolio. We can be contacted directly via phone or through email, for access to installation guides and other consultation services.

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