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Wooden Pergola

Wooden Pergola in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

Do you want to extend your living space because you love to spend time in the outdoor area? If yes, then you should have protection from in-climate weather in your garden and patio with a beautifully designed pergola. Pergolas provide shade for your patio and garden area and also add an element of design to your backyard. Usually used in gardens and backyards, a pergola is a structure that includes vertical posts supporting a lattice of crossbeams to provide shade. Available in all shapes, sizes, and materials pergola helps to define an outdoor space.

Among all the pergola options available, a wooden pergola has a unique appeal for an outdoor living space because of the natural aroma of the wood and also because it offers a particular visual aesthetics. With pergola installed in your backyard or patios, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and unwind in your outdoor space. A wooden pergola is the most cost-effective option that adds a rustic or casual appeal to the backyard. Melody Technical service LLC is a leading wooden pergola manufacturer and supplier based in Dubai offering a stunning collection of pergolas.

Give your Home a Fantastic Covered Area with Wooden Pergola for a Lovely Family Time

Landscape enhancement has become a common trend these days that adds style and elegance to the exterior of the home and also sets the mood of the family members, where they can extend warmth and happiness. In the event that you are hoping to make a stunning seating space and love to add a touch of additional shade, then, at that point, a wooden pergola for your lawn or deck region is certainly an adorable idea.

A wooden pergola is a beautiful and stylish covering having enough space underneath which favorite furniture pieces can be kept. You can install a wooden pergola to enjoy hours of outdoor relaxing with your friends and family. A wooden pergola may be used to extend the living space so that you can spend some precious family time amidst nature. Our well-designed and aptly oriented pergolas provide enough light shade to make your warm afternoon enjoyable. To cater to the taste and choices of their innumerable customers Melody Technical service LLC offers an impeccable range of wooden pergolas to suit a variety of outdoor spaces.

Entertain and Enjoy your Outdoor Space in an Effortlessly Stylish Way with Wooden Pergola

Among the many enhancements and upgrades that you can make in your backyard, garden, or patio, a wooden pergola is an inviting, more enjoyable, and all-around beautiful option that you can consider installing. With a top-quality wooden pergola installed, you along with your family and guests will have a dedicated place to unwind and relax outdoors. Our well-designed stylish wooden pergolas add traditional charm to your space and surely uplift the beauty of any place. The architectural brilliant structure provides an innovative and attractive shade solution for your garden and backyard.

The wooden pergola is built to last and has a strong foundation that quickly transforms your garden and backyard area into a luxurious getaway. The best thing about a wooden pergola is that it can be painted or stained to suit your preferences and may even have a partial or full roof with a screen enclosure that adds to the functionality of the pergolas.

Why is Wooden Pergola Popular in UAE?

Pergolas are immensely popular in UAE and are found in nearly every home and villa. This high-end structure is easy to construct in the outdoor kitchen, garden area and is also popularly used as a pergola swing. After the hectic work schedule, you will definitely love to enjoy fresh air in your garden or patio, and with a pergola installed you can enjoy a great time in the company of your family members.

A wooden pergola gives a natural look and feel and is a good source of shade in the backyard or garden. You can get a wooden pergola installed over the deck or patio to make your property look elegant, sophisticated, and also provides a perfect setting for a winter barbeque night with your friends. You may cover the beams of your pergolas or leave it exposed as per your choice to make either a protective shield or just to have a sense of enclosure.

Types of Wooden Pergola that are Commonly Constructed in UAE

Wooden pergolas are available in different types and designs, each having its own primary form and function making it distinct from the other outdoor structures. Some of the prominent types of wooden pergolas that are installed in the UAE include:

  • Outdoor Wooden Pergola: Outdoor wooden pergola is a basic structure with beams that has the ability to transform your lawn into an exciting and entertaining living space. You can add this structure to your home or hotels in UAE to add definition to your garden or patio.
  • Wooden Garden Pagoda: Wooden garden pagoda is a wonderful accent structure that can prove a wonderful addition to your garden. This garden pagoda is extremely versatile and perfect to make your garden area stand out from the rest of the outdoor areas of your home.
  • Garden Arbor: Wooden arbors are placed in gardens, walkways, or entrances to add extra style and charm to your home. You can install arbors to enjoy a peaceful day outdoors or spend an intimate moment with family and friends.
  • Backyard Pergola: Pergola is certainly the most elegant way to shade the backyard that beckons you to spend long and lazy afternoons underneath relaxing under the sun. Pergolas are mainstays in the garden and backyard designs that diffuse sunlight and create a haven from harsh weather conditions and add all-the-style to your backyard.
  • BBQ Pergola: Today more and more people in the UAE are turning their decks and patios into dedicated BBQ areas with the help of a custom BBQ pergola. Our luxurious BBQ wooden pergola offers real practicality and makes your outdoor space better in every manner. You can add a shade overhang to your pergola to barbecue for longer periods and will have total assurance from the overhead sun.
  • Cafe & Restaurant Pergola: No matter whether you run a hotel or a cafe, Melody Structures pergola supplier and contractor know exactly what AL-fresco dining and outdoor hospitality requires. We very well know that outdoor hospitality requires much more than simply shielding guests from the heat and rain, so we offer you artistically designed wooden pergolas to help you offer the perfect hospitality to your guests and at the same time maintain a cozy atmosphere.
  • Pergola Swing: Now you can add a swing anywhere in your garden or backyard with the help of our wooden pergola swing. Our well-constructed and long-lasting pergola swing is of top quality and can withstand all weather conditions and require minimal maintenance.
  • Swimming Pool Pergola: A wooden frame pergola is an ideal solution for swimming pool lovers who want a refuge from the burning midday sun because this pergola provides shade relief and UV protection, besides providing a stylish and beautiful ambiance. You can install our swimming pool pergolas to retreat and relax with friends and family to enjoy the sun and water as much as you like.
  • Tradition Pergola: Transform your outdoor space into a cozy place with our stunning pergolas made of real wood that exudes certain richness and elegance. Our traditional wooden pergolas are made from responsibly forested wood sources, making them an eco-friendly choice of many of our esteem customers who are simply in love with the traditional artifacts.
  • Triangular Pergola: If you are looking to utilize a corner of your garden where a regular pergola cannot fit, then we provide you with a triangular pergola that is the perfect way to utilize your garden space. The triangular pergola adds a stylish touch to your garden or patio and creates a dramatic entry to your home.

Why Choose Pergolas from Melody Structures of Dubai?

Melody Structures based in Dubai is a leading and reputed manufacturer, supplier, and contractor of high-end pergolas that are great in functionality and high on performance. Pergolas are not just the wooden structure providing shade but can also be equipped with facilities like chandeliers, ceiling fans, speakers, fabric, and even strings of lights.

You can make use of your imagination to stunningly design your pergola exactly as per your taste and preferences. These outdoor structures are available in a variety of design options and can also be customized and constructed on a modest budget. If you are looking to create an outdoor oasis that is filled with energy and tranquility then our range of wooden pergolas will prove a perfect enhancement to your garden and patio. Some of the other reasons to choose our wooden pergolas are:

  • It is the best way to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience.
  • Give your garden, deck, or patio a more visual appeal
  • An ideal place to store additional potted plants for a natural and vibrant feel
  • Transform your backyard into a stunning and spectacular outdoor living space.
  • Create a definite space like an entertainment lounge or a dining area with the innovative use of a pergola.
  • Pergolas are ideal to give protection and shade from the elements

Pergolas are easy to install as these structures come with pre-cut woods and the required hardware, making them easy to install. However, if you seek professional assistance then Melody is an acknowledged manufacturer and supplier that will assist you in constructing a pergola in your garden or backyard.

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