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Aluminium Pergola in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain

When you are planning to decorate your garden or outdoor area a bit differently, you can consider installing a pergola. Different types of pergolas are available in the market that can be suitable for your property. Melody Structures are already famous in this domain. Here, you will get splendid pergolas of different designs and materials including aluminum pergolas.

What is an aluminum pergola?

Pergolas are durable sunshade structures and they root back in ancient Rome and Greece. Historically, pergolas were built from wood, brick, and stone and since Roman times, pergolas were seen in gardens. In the Italian Renaissance too, architects built pergolas to copy the Imperial Rome villas. But today, countless homeowners opt for an aluminum pergola in Dubai as these pergolas are maintenance-free products that are found with maneuverable roofs that you can open and close. These structures besides protecting you from the sun also tend to be waterproof.

What is the use of an aluminum pergola?

Aluminum pergola systems are used for several purposes:

  • Creating shade – The aim of an aluminum pergola in Abu Dhabi pergola is not to block the sun completely but to provide relief from the direct rays of the sun. These pergolas also allow air to circulate easily.
  • Extending your living area – Outdoor dining is certainly the finest thing about summers but people need extra shelter during sunny days. So, in this situation, aluminum pergolas stop the sun from heating your house and glaring through the windows.
  • Creating a green screen – You can use aluminum pergolas anywhere for creating a partition similar to a trellis.
  • Adding partitions – Most often, people use an aluminium pergola in Sharjahto distinguish different parts of the garden. This way, they can form various themes within a garden. Additionally, they can separate dining and seating areas.

Characteristics of the aluminium pergolas

Pergolas are garden features that form a passageway, shaded walkway, and sitting area too of vertical pillars or posts that support a strong open lattice and cross-beams. In the form of a gazebo, aluminum pergolas connect pavilions. At times, they extend from the door of a building to an open-garden feature, like an isolated pool or terrace.

An aluminum freestanding pergola that does not remain attached to a structure or home works as a sitting area where light sun and breeze can come in. Thus, these pergolas protect people from the glare of direct rays of the sun. Aluminum pergolas also allow climbing plants with a structure where they can grow.

Benefits of using aluminium pergolas

People derive lots of benefits using aluminium pergolas and some of them are:

  • Aluminum pergolas work as outdoor dining – The design of an aluminium Pergola in Al Ain gives people respite from the direct sun. So, the place becomes a defined one where people can talk, eat, and relax. Besides being outdoor dining, aluminum pergolas also cater well in the form of outdoor offices.
  • Poolside lounge – When you opt for umbrellas and deck chairs at the poolside, you end up forming a space where you can take sunbathe, drink, and also observe the swimmers. Contrarily, aluminum pergolas on deck turn into a superb upgrade that protects everyone poolside from wind, rain, and sun.

An aluminum pergola also turns into a graceful garden – Gardens and pergolas have got an intertwined history. Countless customers of Melody Structures have installed pergola structure aluminum or extended them over their winding walkways. These pergolas provide lots of space for roses, climbing vines, and different plants to cover the tops and sides of pergola canopies. Therefore, they add both privacy and shade.

Difference between Aluminium vs Vinyl vs Wood Pergola

When you decide to add a pergola to your property, you should know the pros and cons of different pergolas. You can ask the customer support of Melody Structures for further clarifications. While comparing, wood, vinyl, or aluminum pergolas, you must weigh the pros and cons of each kind of pergola before you make your ultimate decision. Some vital factors you need to consider when you compare these three kinds of pergolas are the general style, look of the products, and numerous benefits.

Wood Pergolas

Most often, people confuse wooden pergolas with gazebos. Though the pressure treatment is utilized for softer woods to resist bugs, mold, and rot, they remain highly susceptible to many issues. But when you maintain it properly, wood pergolas last long as aluminum or vinyl pergolas. Cedar proposes an exclusive appeal for your outdoor living space because of its red color and the natural smell of wood. People choose cedar not only for its visual aesthetic but an appealing scent when they inhale fresh air and enjoy their outdoor space.

Vinyl pergolas

Compared to wood pergolas, vinyl pergolas last longer with the least maintenance requirements. To preserve the appearance and color of vinyl pergolas, you can power wash them annually. When you live in a place that experiences heavy snowfall then vinyl pergolas can be less strong than aluminum or wood. Vinyl pergolas are found in beige or bright white colors and they propose a more formal appearance compared to painted or natural wood.

Aluminum pergolas

Modern aluminum pergola proposes the stability of wooden structures and they last a lifetime of both shine and rain. When people hunt for good quality pergolas, they never look beyond aluminum pergolas. Additionally, aluminum also proposes a color palette that seems a little wider compared to a vinyl pergola. As aluminium pergolas emerge as powder coated, people do not confront the issue of faded paint.

Both aluminum and vinyl pergolas cost more compared to wood pergolas but the price differences are dependent on various factors like style, size, and quality of the pergola.

Different Types of Aluminium Pergola Design for You

Various kinds of aluminum pergola designs you can try are:

  • Classic design aluminum pergola– A classic design of a pergola is an excellent yard feature and separator. These pergolas highlight creepers besides framing the quaint sitting area.
  • Corner variant aluminum pergola– Lots of people opt for a corner variant aluminum pergola as they can supplement it with blinds. Again, they can also add side glass walls to the structure and transform it into a periodic winter garden.
  • Roofing of the balcony Aluminium Pergola– When people love to enjoy their outdoor seating even when it rains, they opt for this kind of pergola.
  • Self-Supporting Aluminium Pergola– Self-supporting aluminum pergolas seem convenient for the outdoors as they permit people to recreate exclusive spaces. These kinds of pergolas seem ideal for shops, city centers, terraces, gardens, and penthouses.
  • Aluminum pergola with adjustable louvers– The aluminum pergolas with adjustable louvers protect as well as improve the open space of your home. The louvers from the house of the reputed aluminum pergola manufacturers create climate-controlled louvers; thus, they provide people with comfortable and cool surroundings.
  • Aluminum pergola with sliding cover– The aluminium pergolas with sliding cover can deal with different weather conditions. The trustworthy aluminum pergola suppliers in Dubaicreates sliding roof from only the fadeproof, waterproof, and high-quality materials.

Are aluminum pergolas useful in wet and cold weather?

Aluminum pergolas are excellent all year round as they are versatile. You can enjoy the shading solutions of these pergolas in the blazing sunlight and also when it is cold, cloudy, dark, and rainy season. Aluminum pergolas allow people to sit outside even in the summer months as they protect them from the sun. Additionally, they protect people from the wind and rain too.

Pergolas also propose warmth. Just because it is cold outside, a person need not wrap himself up for sitting in the garden. If people want, they can warm up their outdoor heaters for warming up their aluminum pergolas. When they fulfill this criterion, they can get warmth even in the chilled winter season.

When you wish to invest your money in pergolas that would be capable of withstanding sun and damaging snow, sleet, and rain, you must think of powder-coated aluminum as aluminum is sufficiently strong for permitting long self-supporting sections. Hence, the pergolas would have sleek lines. The powder coating pergolas can be customized too for matching every exterior home color.

Why buy Aluminium Pergola from melody-structures.ae?

Whenever you think of buying an aluminum pergola, think of Melody Structures. Every pergola from this company is an effective and economic method to widen your living space which becomes obvious from the aluminum pergola images. This company is located in Dubai and it is one of the highly experienced and reliable WPC pergolas manufacturers based in the UAE. melody-structures.ae provides every important accessory for making WPC pergolas perfect. People can place their orders for WPC pergolas over the phone or online. Melody Structures has emerged as a reputed aluminum pergola UAE supplier because it proposes reasonable costs for every design of pergolas. Additionally, it proposes customized designs for catering to a space perfectly. This company proposes every possible after-sale service too.

  • Contact Melody Structures for wide designs of pergolas.
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