Wooden Planter Box in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain

Growing plants and flowers in homes have become a common trend, as people love to have a feel of nature close to them. Though, their desire of planting plants sometimes has to take a backseat because of the space constraint in their homes. Thus, to provide them an attractive alternative wooden planter box is available in the market that proves a wonderful addition to home or garden. A planter box is an excellent way of creating a bed to grow plants and vegetables that are often chosen by people who are short of space.

This box is a container in which small plants are grown at homes or in the garden to beautify the home and enhance the sophistication of the place. Wooden planter boxes when placed in balconies or railing add altogether a different level of beauty to the place, making it look stunning and fabulous. We, at Melody Structures, offer an attractive wooden planter box that can be used to plants herbs and plants.

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Variety of Planter Box available at Melody Structures

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier offering an extensive variety of wooden planter boxes to customers all over the United Arab Emirates. An extensive range of wooden planter boxes is supplied to different cities of UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain. Our range of planter boxes is available in different shapes, sizes, and materials and is quite popular for growing plants and vegetables.

Our brilliantly designed wooden planter boxes are made of pressure-treated timber that can be stained in any colour and can ideally be fitted in any corner. We make use of different types of wood, stain, polish to make the most modern and classic wooden planter boxes that appeal to one and all. Stylish and appealing garden and vegetable planter boxes are greatly in demand by the people to enhance the beauty of the garden, patio, or entrance. Some of the popular planter boxes offered by us include:

Benefits of Wooden Planter Box

Planter boxes are though made up of different materials but the most popular choice among people of UAE is the wooden planter boxes. Ideal for indoor, patio, as well as the garden, wooden planter boxes beautifully display plants and flowers and add a touch of country charm to the backyard or garden. Our rustic and elegantly designed wooden planter boxes have large and deep space to comfortably grow flowers and plants. Some of the benefits of our wooden planter boxes are:

Portability – The biggest advantage of the planter box is its portability, as it can be easily moved from one place to another, unlike the concrete planter boxes that are extremely heavy and difficult to move. Wooden planter boxes can be easily placed in the garden, patio, deck, shade, or open space, as it is a great way to pep up the place.

Use Apt Soil – Another major advantage of this planter box is that you can make use of the best and apt soil for growing the plant.  Every plant requires a specific type of soil for better growth, so while planting a plant in a wooden planter box you can fill the box with the most appropriate type of soil to ensure that the plant grows to its fullest.

Durability – Planter box made up of top-quality wood proves extremely durable and long-lasting. Thus, wooden planter box is greatly preferred by people because they can use these boxes for a long period for growing their favourite flowers and vegetables without requiring much maintenance. Planter boxes made up of redwoods are extremely popular for their durability.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal – Besides convenience, another benefit of wooden vegetable and flower planter boxes is that it adds to the beauty of the place. The boxes available in a wide array of colours and designs not only amp up the place but also provide a fresh and classical look to the space. In metropolitan cities where you don’t have enough space for a garden, you can make use of this planter box to realize your gardening dream and lend you a feel of nature.

Why buy Wooden Planter Box from Melody Structures?

We, at Melody Structure, are a reckoned name offering wooden planter boxes of distinct designs and styles that are ideal to be placed at the garden, parks, school, playground, and indoor areas. Our exceptionally designed and manufactured wood planter boxes well complement a home’s exterior, depending on the style and design of the home. Some of the other specialties of our wooden planter boxes are discussed below:

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