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The Woods

WPC Pergola

WPC Pergola is such a structure which is low in maintenance with aluminum and cellular vinyl products along with it. Composite products are used to build the wood pergola with a much stronger base and foundation. It is quite cost-effective. 

WPC Pergola in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain


Pergola is usually a wooden architectural structure that gives shade in your garden or backyard area. WPC pergola is a wide-open structure with no wall on any side and four beams at four corners of the structure. Moreover, it comes with a decorative roof design. Overall, a pergola is an architectural structure that enhances the beauty of the garden area. You can decorate the pergola in multiple ways using accessories like hanging flower pots, decorative lights, tea tables and chairs, fans, and many more.


Pergola WPC is mainly for people who want to use the outdoor for their relaxation. They can spend their free time under the shade. WPC Pergola makes the outside area an attractive place with its beautiful design and shape. Pergola can be of different materials, but wooden Pergola is the most preferred shade option in UAE for its aesthetic look, various designs, costs, and easy installation.


Why is WPC Pergola Popular in the UAE?


WPC Pergola is very cost-effective, beautifully designed, and a perfect example of architectural brilliance. But what makes pergolas in different shapes and sizes so popular in UAE?

WPC Pergola has so many benefits that make it popular in UAE. It is available in almost every house making it a trend among people in Dubai, Al Ain, Abudhabi, Sharjah, and different other places in UAE.


UAE falls under an arid climate with very hot, sunny, and dry summer that extends from April to September. The remaining months also remain dry and humid. The day temperature is very high and at night mercury falls abruptly making the open outdoor of any house a tough place to spend time. WPC Pergola is a vertical post that supports a lattice of cross beams to shade. So, people make the shade outside their houses in balcony, garden, and swimming pool to relax after their hectic schedules or spend the holidays with family, relatives, neighbors, or friends in the garden areas under pergolas. It helps them spend time with their family members and friends while protecting themselves from harsh climatic situations.


The benefit of WPC Pergola


WPC Pergola comes with different benefits. It gives a luxurious look to the garden and offers a shaded place to spend hours outdoors.

Some of the amazing benefits that you get from pergolas include the following:

WPC Pergola in Sharjah enhances the beauty of your outdoor or garden area. Pergolas come with different shapes and beautiful designs which beautify the outdoor place installed on them.

WPC Pergola in Al ain comes with the best quality woods that make it highly sustainable. Melody Structures, one of the pioneering names in this domain, helps in installation too. So, you don't have to take the heavy load of maintaining and installing it in your backyard. You can be free from any tension by installing it at your home.


WPC Pergola gives a unique appeal to your outdoor space. Its visual appeal is unmatched. Setting the right pergola in your place can change the whole ambiance of the house. You can get a different level of satisfaction for choosing it. You would get a natural feeling at your home with it.


The best part of WPC Pergola can be that it gives you protection from high temperatures and direct sun rays. You can take relaxation after doing hectic work and you will get energetic with freshening air coming through it at your outside space.


Why choose melody-structures.ae for WPC Pergola?


Based in Dubai, Melody Structures is one of the trustworthy and highly experienced WPC pergolas manufacturers in the UAE. The manufacturer and supplier of the best pergolas in UAE offer all necessary customer support making your purchase decision easy and fast. Melody Structures also provide all necessary accessories that make a WPC pergola in Abu Dhabi or any other place in UAE perfect.

You can also ask for WPC pergola price online or over the telephone. You can get your choice of WPC Pergola Dubai or any other place in the UAE online.


We make sure that you get all the support you expect from WPC pergola suppliers.


  • Melody Structures offer the right prices for all designs of pergolas
  • Melody Structures offer customized designs that would perfectly fit your place
  • Melody structures offer all possible after-sale services


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