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Wooden Cat House Shelter Cage

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The Woods

Wooden Cat House Shelter Cage

  • Maintain your pet cat secure in outdoors. The two-story style of this Trixie Wooden Outdoor Feline Run includes a hideaway on the top level and also residences multiple pet cats.
  • The ramp enables felines to wander openly inside and out, up and down, in the sunlight or shade


  • Style is suitable for Cat personality 4 story washroom as well as wide space for pet cat-free activities;
  • Great experience for cat caring to stay;
  • Large One lockable open-door enables individuals to get in and also enjoy with;
  • Little cat door open-able to feed the cat;
  • Windows set for the pet cat to touch outside world thoroughly;
  • Ramp for feline roam and also climb directly to the third story;
  • Mild soap to clean Firwood, asphalt roof quickly, and steel cords offer conveniences to cat life and make certain resilience;
  • Easy to assembl

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